Data-Driven Advertising of the Future

Auto-generated Digital Ads

Generate ads automatically based on factors like product or service industry, demographic and location.

Based on preliminary testing samples, our platform generated banner ads deliver higher than industry average engagement.*

*Industry avg of CTR 0.84% for enterprise category vs. Luminaire generated avg of CTR 1.02%

Self-Serve Digital Ad Publishing

Directly publish generated ads via our publisher partners within the platform.

Select from Digital Out-of-Home like in-vehicle digital screens, vending machine displays, or the tried-and-tested mobile apps or web.

AI Creative Optimisation

Once your ads are live, the AI Deep Learning takes over. Using big data on consumer reaction to advertising content, our AI system generates new creative ads to find the most effective style and taste for your unique customers.

Consultancy Services


Predictive Analytics for Creative Direction

Our consultants work with advertising agencies and brands to create unique big data & machine learning solutions for insight into consumer trends and behaviour patterns.

We specialise in creative metrics, including AI-powered insights into design choices and creative direction, such as type of color schemes, copy or slogan text that works best, and even storytelling narratives that appeal to specific crowds.

Our analytics help brand managers, creative directors, media planners and marketing directors make confident decisions in their work - in whatever region, and whichever segment.


Powered by Big Data, Tailored for You

The modern digital consumer is eclectic in taste, and is constantly bombarded by advertising. How do modern brands stand a chance in this oversaturated landscape?

We help you cut through the hassle of market-research and consumer round tables by bringing these insights to you. Our AI-powered algorithm is powered by both commercial surveyed data and your company's internal database, providing unique insights that respond to the outside market, whilst taking into account your unique brand voice.


Expert Consultants

Our team is made up of professionals that care about your brand as much as you. We work cohesively with you as an intelligence arm, to deliver you insights that could push your brand above and beyond the competition.

We provide auxiliary AI capabilities including:

• Custom AI chatbots

• Internal API integration

• Consultation for AI workflow management

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